• perform percussion transitions, sweeps and crescendos in real time

  • add excitement or surprise to the most important parts of your arrangement

  • smoothly take the listeners into a new scene or a new section of your track

  • design your own sweeps, risers and SFX

  • create fascinating textures and soundscapes for music, films and video games 




  • ORGANIC TRANSITIONS (complete collection, over 1000 samples,58 Kontakt instruments) (reg. €59)

  • 30 ORGANIC TRANSITIONS (30 samples + 6 Kontakt instruments + 12 IR reverb samples, available now) (reg. €4)


With a unique sample set created using shakers, rattles, tambourines, cymbals, drums, and a multitude of rare exotic percussions, ORGANIC TRANSITIONS will be a splendid addition to your sound tools!

RESPONSIVE: Take full control over the intensity and the length of your transitions with 18 highly realistic dynamic instruments. Press a key, use the modulation wheel, release the key: it's so much fun to perform perfectly-timed shaker crescendos, tambourine sweeps, spring drum rolls...! Original and rare ethnic instruments are also included (clay water bird, african shakers, ethnic rattles, cabasas...)

PRACTICAL: The transitions Sets are loaded with over 240 pre-recorded transitions and let you easily audition, customise and layer them.

BREATHTAKING: create fascinating soundscapes, organic textures, original risers and ambitious SFX with 33 Kontakt multi

  • 1091 samples (WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)

  • 54 Kontakt instruments (full Kontakt 5.3+ required!!)

  • 20 IR (impulse responses reverbs)

  • license agreement + 16 pages user guide

  • total size uncompressed: 2,76GB

  • List price: €59,- + tax

Download the USER GUIDE

some of the instruments used for ORGANIC TRANSITIONS


30 organic transitions samples

A useful selection of 30 transitions and 6 instruments taken from the complete collection

30 raw samples created using shakers, rattlers, tambourines, cymbals, toms, snares and other exotic percussions.

1 mixed set Kontakt instrument allows quick access to the samples and let you fully customise the sound.

5 Kontakt multis explore new, ambitious sonic territories. Create cutting-edge sound design in a fun and intuitive way!

All samples are 24bit, 48kHz. They are raw recordings, and will respond very well to further processing (pitching, filters, EQ, reverb, delays…)


  • 30 raw acoustic samples (stereo and mono WAV, 24bit, 48kHz)

  • Wide range of sounds in a practical and intuitive pack

  • 6 NI Kontakt patches (full Kontakt 5.3+ required!!)

  • 12 custom IR reverb samples

  • Total size uncompressed: 82MB

  • Contains a -4€ coupon code valid on the purchase of ORGANIC TRANSITIONS

  • NAME YOUR PRICE - minimum: €4,-




The samples were recorded with 4 different microphone arrays, to provide maximum flexibility and variety of sounds. You can identify the microphones used for each samples by looking at the end of the sample’s name:

_BLU- : BLUMLEIN (stereo)

2 ribbon microphones (Voodoo VR1) in XY 

A realistic stereo image with a strong center, takes EQ very well


_BI- : BINAURAL (stereo)

2 omni microphones (AT4022) in a custom array

A very wide stereo image, extra details and emphasis on high frequencies



1 large condenser microphone (Lauten Audio Clarion)

Great detail, solid and focused sound



1 omni microphone (Shure Bullet)

Smooth transients, limited frequency response, plenty of character 

UPDATE: download 4 new instruments for ORGANIC TRANSITIONS: 

This update includes 2 new dynamic instruments (fish skin, nails on metal plate) and two new soundscapes (Explore Poseidon, Texas Chainsaw). Also includes instructions to install the update.