A fine collection of kicks created using the Kontakt library LITTLE FAT KICK (available soon)

All samples were directly recorded from Kontakt's output using some of the library's presets.

  • All samples stereo WAV, 48kHz, 24bit.
  • Total size: 4MB.

Microphones used: Beyer M88, Neumann U47fet, EV RE15, AKG D112, pair of DPA 4006, Beyer M201, custom-made piezo (contact) microphone

The main user interface of LITTLE FAT KICK

About LITTLE FAT KICK:  Recorded on a 18’’ Gretsch Bass Drum using heavy muffling and a soft beater, the Kontakt instrument L ITTLE FAT KICK lets you mix 8 microphone signals and add layers of electro subs, extra clicks, snare buzz or noises to easily achieve perfect kick sounds for your tracks. The library comes with lots of presets covering various genres such as soul, rock, HipHop, pop or EDM. Available soon!!!

Flexatone Samples


142 unique samples

The flexatone is a unique percussion instrument that’s been used a lot in jazz, funk or hip-hop. This new sample pack features 142 samples of one-shot hits, sweeps and loops recorded with a binaural microphone set-up and a mono EV RE15. 

All samples mono and stereo WAV, 48kHz, 24bit. Total size: 79MB

LIST PRICE: €12,- (+vat)


124 drum and percussion samples recorded with a Shure 'Green Bullet' microphone

Originally designed in 1949, the Shure 'Green Bullet' is mostly known as a blues harp microphone. 

However, with a very reduced frequency response, creamy saturated mids, compressed dynamic range and omni-directional pattern, this microphone also captures percussive sounds like no other! 

This drum pack includes Kicks, Snares and Toms, Cymbals, shakers, tambourines and claves, bongos, Udu, Claps, Piano chords, Bells, Sticks, Flute, Vox, Found sounds, Woodblocks, and more... Full Sample list

All samples mono WAV, 48kHz, 24bit. Total size: 20MB. LIST PRICE: €8,- (+vat)


451 drum samples recorded on Roland Boutique Synths JU-06 and JX-03 

266 raw samples:

  • KICKS (79 samples)
  • SNARES (47 samples)
  • TOMS (31 samples)
  • CLAPS (6 samples)
  • CLICKS (16 samples)
  • BELLS / METALS (15 samples)
  • CYMBALS (17 samples)
  • FX (54 samples)

185 reamped samples:

  • 80s STYLE (87 samples): Typical 80s kicks, Snares and Toms. Created using authentic 80s techniques and hardware (reverb, eqs and compressor) 
  • DRY REAMPED (81 samples): Dry and punchy hi-hats, kicks, snares and toms. Created using digital and analog studio gear
  • RETRO FX (20 samples): Sweet vintage synth effects with dub delays and reverb

All samples mono and stereo WAV, 48kHz, 24bit. Total size: 74MB. LIST PRICE: €16,- (+vat)


241 highly original snare drum samples recorded with contact microphones. 

89 processed samples and 152 raw samples organised in 8 categories:

  • BUMPS: round and punchy attack, and lots of bass! They work well to layer under a thinner snare (or a clap…) to give it extra power
  • CLICKS: Very short and bright samples, useful to layer or use as additional rythmic element in a beat
  • DEEP: This is a small collection of deeper sounds, with lots of bass freq, and softer attack.Again, great stuff to layer with other sounds, but they work also very well instead of regular snares for more original backbeats, specially in electro stuff of rap beats.
  • NATURAL LONG: the most natural sounding samples, albeit with a dry and punchy direct sound
  • NATURAL SHORT: natural sounding, short and cutting sound, reminiscent of vintage drum machines.
  • RIMS: Authentic sounding cross-sticks, with a very dry sound
  • SING: Samples with a resonating frequency, cool to import in a sampler and play chromatic/ melodic lines! 
  • WEIRDO: These samples are just stranger sounds, sometimes with a complex tail, or an original freq response. They can add texture to a typical snare sound, or create an original impact at the beginning of a chorus or verse. The longer ones can also be reversed for super cool effects :)

All samples mono and stereo WAV, 48kHz, 24bit. Total size: 74MB

LIST PRICE: €12,- (+vat)

A contact microphone, also known as a pickup or a piezo, is a form of microphone that senses audio vibrations through contact with solid objects. Unlike normal air microphones, contact mics are almost completely insensitive to air vibrations but transduce only structure-borne sound.

 NEW!   create original and classy intros, transitions and outros in your music productions!!    -> MORE INFOS

NEW!  create original and classy intros, transitions and outros in your music productions!!   -> MORE INFOS


105 versatile kick drum samples organised in 7 categories:

  • GRITTY: rough textured kicks with attitude (13 samples)
  • LIGHT: perfect for lighter music styles or for layering (15 samples)
  • LAYERED: efficient combinations of various sound sources(18 samples)
  • RETRO: A cool selection of 15 kicks with a great vintage vibe (15 samples)
  • XTRA LONG: Long resonating samples (11 samples)
  • REAL: Authentic bass drum samples (13 samples)
  • E-TONIC:  Punchy, warm electronic kicks (26 samples)

All samples mono and stereo WAV, 48kHz, 24bit. Total size: 25MB

LIST PRICE: €12,- (+vat)

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