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LA TOTALE - details

NB: All samples in WAV, 24bit, 48kHz. Full Kontakt 5+ required for the instruments.


Six ultimate sample collections

Featuring deep multi-sampling, inspiring raw and processed samples, exhaustive content, combinable instruments and kits, these are the most popular sample libraries from Loops de la Crème:

Clap Pack Deluxe

(1805 samples, 18 nki)

Footstomp Pack  

(904 samples, 21 nki)

Snare Pack Deluxe

(1456 samples, 23 nki)

Kick Pack Deluxe 

(1730 samples, 166 nki)

Beatbox Pack 

(614 samples, 37 nki)

Home Impacts 

(259 samples, 47 nki)

Two premium series

With a highly-praised sound quality, these series of dynamic instruments offer easy realistic results, and also explore new territories with stunning sound design and FX:

    World Sounds : percussion instruments, nature sounds, percussion sets

  • World Sounds Deluxe Set

  • World Sounds Vol.1

  • World Sounds Vol.2: Udu

  • World Sounds Vol.3

    Silver&Gold : cymbals and bells

  • Cymbal Essentials

  • Bell Essentials

  • HiHat Essentials

Three loops collections

These thematic collections of exclusive royalty-free loops will provide instant inspiration and grooves:

  • Jazz Breaks 

  • Instant Classic Breaks

  • Vintage Lab Beats 1

A multitude of One-Shot sample packs

Packed with original, inspiring samples, these small collections have gained cult status for producers looking for new one-shots:

    Raw Muffled Snares

    Stacks Pack

    Rim Pack

    Synthdrum Pack

    909 King of the Kicks

    Glitch Pack

    BD Pack

    Surprise Sample Pack

    Snare Pack

Useful and original sample libraries

    Organic Metronome

    Analog Attitude


    OP1 Essentials 01

Awesome bonus material

Exclusive melodic instruments 

analog bass, casio sa21, music box, orchestral sounds, marimba, wurlitzer, piano, pan flutes, organs, toys...)

Additional Kontakt instruments and drumkits

Based on LDLC sample packs (over 20 layerable drum kits)

New Kontakt Multis

combining single instruments from various sample packs (16 drum kit multis, 10 melodic multis)

Sound Design and FX 

Over 40 new Kontakt instruments of ambiences, atmos, textures, risers...

Exclusive One-Shots collections 

Ambient Cuts, Nord Samples, Vinyl One-shots, Jamcrew, Instant Classic Cuts...

Extra samples

Taken from the original recording sessions (Bonus 909 kicks series, extra velocity layers for Cymbal Essentials, new percussion samples...)